We have been skimping on food all day in effort to shove down our three course dinner tonight at What Happens When, NYC's new concept restaurant. Let me ask, What Happens When you build a restaurant in one of the most food driven cities in the world, and every 30 days you change the design, menu, and entertainment? Then, in 9 months you tear it to shreds! Rip it down! restaurant no more! Finished! Done! What Happens When is one big experiment, a blip in time, that some may experience, and some might not. Knstrct will be getting the full dining experience tonight and we will be sure to let you know how it goes...

What Happens When has a dynamic team of support. Critically acclaimed chef, John Fraser is heading up the pre-fixed, $58.00, three course menu, which will be changing every month. Emilie Baltz is the mastermind behind the brand and identity. The talented composer, Micah Silver is leading the live music and entertainment for the space. Last but never the least, Elle Kunnos de Voss of the Metrics, the interior design concepter behind the concept explains the design better than anyone:

"The overall concept for the space is a 'work in progress' transparency into the design process as the architectural drawings are mapped out onto the dining room surfaces in 1:1, with each Movement change red lined to manifest the process and record the transformations. For each new 30 day Movement theme we will design; a new lighting scheme and fixtures, unique spatial elements to create variations of visual compositions like perspective, scale and form and a new color scheme. To keep the space flexible for the changing light and spatial installations we have designed a grid of hooks for the ceiling. The spatial concept for the First Movement is a monochromatic landscape of deconstructed volumes and fixtures, using a paired down aesthetic. White lines define volumes within the space, describing archetypal house and ladder shapes in a distorted perspective. The deconstructed chandeliers take their cue from a classic chandelier with cut cardboard prisms and large globe light bulbs."

A promising concept this restaurant has going for itself is that it is less about the owners, and more about the users, you! The team behind What Happens When wants you to get involved by A.) Submit a design concept for a chance to see it built for a month. B.) Go enjoy the restaurant, take part in the momentary blip, then go back the next month for an entirely different experience. C.) Support the experiment and donate on Kickstarter.com

(Photographs provided by Felix De Voss)