Unisex Capsule Collection by UNIF.M x Haw-lin

Snapshot: An international collaboration rears a collection of clean, functional basics that are blind to gender.

Waving a white flag in the battle of the sexes—on the fashion front, at least—Australian clothing brand Uniform Studios and Berlin-based art collective Haw-lin unite to release a capsule collection designed for both men and women. Basic black and white garments with color block details, the collaborators bring together culottes and crewneck pullovers for a line of solid wardrobe foundation pieces.

In their approach to the collection, Haw-lin and Uniform seem to go for practicality above all. Modest necklines and minimal structure along with unobtrusive color blocking, the pieces are clean and simple to the point of being pragmatic.

This sensibility is entirely intentional. UNIF.M comes to the table with a self-proclaimed design aesthetic that blends “materials and techniques traditionally used for industry-grade uniforms with leather, silk and jersey.” This, says the studio, gives their garments “a sense of refined ease and subtle luxury.”

In creating this particular collection, design aspects of a very distinctive style of uniform are introduced. “The designs are placed along seam lines or arranged in ways that have a subtle reference to military badges,” says Haw-lin.

Relaxed yet clean-cut—Uniform and Haw-lin’s solid basics erase the line between men’s and women’s wear.