Awon Golding is the Glad Hatter

Snapshot: Choose your favorite flavor from the new collection of fun and fabulous gelato inspired head-pieces from one of London's premier milliners Awon Golding.

While fascinators have been quite the rage for centuries among royalty and race-goers alike, The Colori Gelato Collection by Awon Golding Millinery holds it own amongst a milieu of styles with a bold combination of soft, delicious colors and striking graphic lines. The pieces are a fresh take on formal feminine headgear, balancing classic elegance and youthful iconography.

Drawn from fashion writing to millinery as a passion project, Golding quickly learned the traditional techniques of the trade, and still lovingly handcrafts each of her dramatic and artistic headpieces in her London studio. Colori Gelato is inspired by summer, sea, and of course, the rainbow pastels of gelato, creating statement headdress that speak gracefully to both women's hat heritage and edgy, modern couture.