Picnic Basket Fashion: MSGM x TOILETPAPER SS15 Capsule Collection

Picnic Basket Fashion  Fashion brand MSGM and creative retailers TOILETPAPER have melded minds to create a bright and vivid unisex capsule collection.

TOILETPAPER and fashion brand MSGM have pooled their resources to come up with yet another capsule collection. This time, aimed at people with an understanding of fun and freedom - with an attitude to match. MSGM’s creative director Massimo Giorgetti collaborated with the magazine’s artists Pierpaolo and Maurizio Cattelan by pouring over TOILETPAPER’s vast archives of images and combining two aesthetics. MSGM brought over the fashion know-how and experience with loud prints and combined that with TOILETPAPER’s surreal and mind-bending motifs to create a picnic basket full of fresh ideas.

The unisex collection is truly androgynous - a difficult feat for any designer that features bright colors and fun patterns. Each piece of clothing has its own nostalgic story to tell - whether it’s a picnic blanket shirt with an oversized, stylized apple, or a tank top covered in roses with eyeballs in center. The patterns themselves are very repetitive and vary in their size - making the pieces almost psychedelic. Everything about the collection really screams “young” and “fun”. The tops are as ironic as the bottoms and no print is subtle or “classy”. The pieces are meant to be incredibly loud and proud to be so.

 A few pieces from the collection really stand out. One of them is a crew neck pullover - sounds pretty basic, right? But the print is truly a surreal sight to behold. One direction features a pair of men’s legs, suited in navy blue slacks and black shoes, repeated over and over again. And the opposite direction, overlaid on the men’s legs, is a pair of slender women’s legs in white tights and pulsating red heels. It takes a few minutes for the print to make sense - but once it does, it’s really just one of the coolest sweaters we’ve seen.

Targeted at a younger demographic and customer and debuting in December, the price points range from a low end of $210 and cap out around $900 - a bit on the pricier side for clothes aimed at street style. But any fashion-forward consumer can see the quality of the prints and the originality of the inspiration. An investment in a single statement piece is always worth it. Each look is so playful and eye-catching that the clothing will pay for itself through attention. The style is limitless - you could sport these looks at the beach, on the sidewalk, or even at an event. But the best would be wearing the picnic shirt at a real picnic - now that’s nostalgic irony.

Photography courtesy of MSGM