The Mighty Ducks: University of Oregon Football Uniforms by Nike

Snapshot: In observance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, U of O's Ducks are sitting pretty in pink. 

Nike, the University of Oregon, and the Kay Yow Cancer Fund have partnered this month to raise awareness and donations for the ongoing fight against women's cancers. Proud Duck footballers will grace the field wearing specially designed black uniforms with their numbers emblazoned in bright pink.  The Nike Pro Combat system also features signature pink cleats, socks, and gloves. 

Adhered by some Nike magic onto the towering frames of college athletes, the uniforms give new meaning to the term statement piece.  Fittingly more aggressive in style than the ubiquitous pink ribbons associated with breast cancer awareness, the message of support is clear and conjures visions of players moms, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers. It's about as adorable - while maintaining maximum toughness of course - as football can get. 

The partnership between the three organizations has been ongoing for several years, raising money for both the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, as well as for ongoing cancer research at the University, proving (as any child of the '80's already knows) that hot pink and black is clearly a winning combination.

Photography courtesy of Nike.