Fleeting Time: MMT T Series Pocket Watches

Time is fleeting and MMT Watches accepts that challenge. The watch-making brand, based in Paris and Hong Kong, prides itself on the art of capturing the moment. MMT combines expert watch-making skills, quality materials, and an old-world passion for reviving an antiqued accessory.  

Your watch should tell a story – where you’ve been but most importantly where you’re headed. This is MMT’s mission: to create a slender timepiece that will last with you on your personal journey. And there is no reason why the pocket-watch can’t be as handsome as its carrier.  

Every pocket-watch in the series is set in a solid wooden shell such as maple or walnut. The straps are crafted from genuine leather with a stainless steel clip and snap hook to ensure durability while also offering the option to mix and match.  The colors vary from white to deep ebony with the brand offering an engraving option for a personal touch.   

The MMT T Series is sleek and minimal; never sacrificing looks with its modern smooth, curvy lines, for impeccable quality as each watch has a three hand Japanese movement with date.    

Delicate in appearance yet sturdy in actuality, with MMT pocket-watches you will remain sartorially superb.

Photography courtesy of MMT Watches