Boundless Curiosity: Karen Walker Forever 2nd Summer Collection

Earlier this summer, Karen Walker released her collection of eyewear that featured women of the elder variety rocking her colorfully extravagant shades. The campaign became an instant worldwide success, racking up tons of sales and positive feedback. So, how do you top such a successful campaign? How about going to the complete, other end of the spectrum?

Introducing the Karen Walker Forever 2nd Summer Collection.... featuring kids as models. Within the ripe ages of 3-5, these tiny models lend a sense of excitement and optimism to the campaign.

“The idea of shooting kids as a follow up to first summer’s concept seemed obvious to us for many reasons” says Walker; “We had a lot of fun in the studio. We’d never worked with kids before. You’ve just got to get them while the energy’s there and shoot the hell out of it! That said, I don’t know if I want to make a movie with kids”.

The collection features four different styles in two colors schemes, complete with Walker’s signature, exaggerated frames. Each style is available in white with blue reflecting lenses, as well as black with black lenses. The black frames feature an interesting element, the use of an ancient art form known as filigree. This form of metalwork relies on the use of tiny beads or twisting threads, creating incredibly intricate designs.

Walker has deemed this the bookend to her original 1st Summer Collection campaign, shot by Ari Seth Cohen. This time around she chose renowned photographer Derek Henderson, who sets about capturing the children’s natural positivity and boundless curiosity. Walker seems to like to keep people guessing, and you can be sure we’ll be looking out for her next innovative campaign. Visit Karen Walker's Website to meet these miniature models and check out the collection.

Written by Jordan Bailey

Photography by Derek Henderson