Prospekt Supply Reinvents The Windbreaker

Breaking ground on August 19th, Prospekt Supply will debut their first garment, aptly titled, Windbreaker - which is arguably the most-high end pullover windbreaker on the market. "Our quest was to create the most luxurious windbreaker possible," explained Andrew Joseph, creative director of the luxury street wear brand. Turns out, they did. The New York-based brand took the classic, quarter zip hoodie windbreaker and reinvented it with premium, water-resistant and breathable polyester, accents of leather and waxed, woven drawstrings.

The word 'windbreaker' tends to trigger some key association words: loud, heavy, hot... you get the idea. Joseph made it his mission to recreate this staple garment with simplicity, comfort, and luxury in mind. "The Japanese have mastered the art of producing technical fabrics," Joseph explained. "Whereby they can achieve breathability and water resistance at the same time - while still maintaining a high-quality and durable product."

As a creative director whose beginnings are rooted in culture-rich metropolitan hubs like Cairo, Vancouver and New York, it makes sense that Prospekt Supply's debut piece would be constructed from specific materials that Joseph has procured from around the globe. The lightweight jacket was conceived from a veritable tapestry of global influences -  zippers sourced from Switzerland and Italy, wax woven drawstrings from Japan, and genuine leather accents from the good ol' US of A. And we'd be remiss if we didn't tell you that near the neck of the unisex windbreaker, Joseph devised a calfskin leather 'zipper garage' to keep our bearded friends from getting their hair caught. (*This one goes out to you, Portlandia. Cheers!)

Salivating over this super awesome windbreaker? Prospekt Supply's exclusive, limited-edition jacket will serve as the pilot and focal point for the company. A small capsule collection will be available shortly after - just in time for Spring 2014. (Phew!)

 Photography By Kin Chan