A Modular Footwear System: The Nike Studio Wrap

"A better-than-barefoot experience in a modular footwear system," is how Nike is describing their latest shoe baby. The shoe, which comes tightly packaged in a six piece system, and is designed to give woman an elevated workout in the studio (typically referring to yoga, Pilates, or dance). "It’s great that women get to use their feet to bend, flex, squat, rotate, push and pull, but bare feet have some limits," Nike explains, "First, uncovered feet are not always allowed in gyms and studios for hygienic purposes. Also, the bare foot can sometimes slip right in the midst of the most Zen moments. Socks slip too, and while socks with sticky grip on the bottom seem like the obvious solution, they can also scrunch up, move around and aren’t always the most flattering to walk around in." The Studio Wrap is Nike's functional and super stylish solution to studio footwear - There’s no sweaty or slippery feet, no bunched up socks, and even with a bad pedicure, people won’t be looking at your toes with this sexy silhouette. The Studio Wrap will be available to purchase in Spring 2013. (Price: $110)

(Photography: Nike)