Dive Into Florals: Zimmermann Swim

For eons Brazil has reined supreme in the the bikini arena. Look Rio, we have to hand it to you, you’ve had a good run, but Lycra has a new daddy. We’re talking about Zimmermann Swimsuits, fresh from Sydney.

Spandex-savvy sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann are the wonder duo behind the curve-loving cuts dripping in delectable colors. The Sydney sisters spent the past twenty years honing their craft, garnering a cult following in Australia. Now that Zimmermann is stateside, the fashion house opened its first shop in New York last year, their floral frocks are showing up on woman all over the world. The Aussie’s 2013/2014 swimwear collection which is bursting of tantalizing floral one pieces, delicately knitted bikinis, vibrant, silk wrap dresses and chic, high-waisted satin one-pieces (swoon!). We have to admit, the beach never looked so haute.