Gooey Rainbow Carpet Art by NIGHTSHOP

Designers Ward Van Gemert and Adriaan Van Der Ploeg of Dutch creative firm NIGHTSHOP unveiled an unexpected twist of a household classic at Milan's Salone del Mobile – a wild, gooey, foam carpet.

NIGHTSHOP have been known to blur the lines between good and bad taste – and their new handmade carpet, The Showdown, does just that. The one of the kind floor piece is made of soft, urethane foam and was inspired by highly detailed oriental rugs. Although unlike those oriental, Van Der Ploeg said, “…as a carpet, it’s not really handy. It’s really something to look at and to feel. It’s really tactile.”

The bizarre foam was mixed into a huge range of colors and pushed through a syringe to create the thin and hypnotic lines. In terms of time, it took the designers about a week to crank out the mushy rug – and unfortunately for us, there’s only one Showdown carpet for now.

Why a carpet out of foam? We asked Ven Der Ploeg what inspired him to use the urethane: “It feels nice, strange and a little bit nasty. It also looks like this. Reasons enough to play with it.” Spoken like a true creative mind: it’s gross and gooey, let’s turn it into art. 

Photography courtesy of NIGHTSHOP