Reflection Field at Coachella by Artist Phillip K. Smith

The conjunctive relationship between music and art harmonize on the sun-drenched fields of this year's Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

“Reflection Field” is artist Phillip K. Smith’s largest installation to date, a reflective follow-up to his recent project “Lucid Stead”, which shot him to international acclaim. After being well received by art enthusiasts and beyond, Smith began planning his next installation at a much larger scale. “Lucid Stead” was created using mirrors, LEDs, and custom Arduino powered electronic equipment built onto a found structure. The result was a boxy installation in the middle of the California High Desert that blended in seamlessly during the day and flickered with color in the darkness.

Created with similar intentions and the same materials as his previous works, “Reflection Field” consists of 5 massive freestanding structures made of mirrors and LEDs. The interactive prisms of light and color are monumental – some ranging from 18 feet tall to 17 feet wide. The size alone is guaranteed to impress – and combined with the enchanting mirrors and LEDs, it’s a mesmerizing addition to the chaos of Coachella.

The reflective structures balance beautifully with the environment during the day. Absolutely fitting for a festival like Coachella, where there is no short supply of color and mayhem – as such, the mirrors make the event even brighter.

But the real magic begins when the sun goes down. Slowly, the mirrored towers start turning into massive blocks of color. Each of the five structures glows in a rainbow of different hues. At night, the blocks don’t blend into the environment – they stand out like massive colorful aliens, here to party with the rest of Coachella.

Photography by Nuvue Interactive Visual Communications Lab, courtesy of Royale Projects: Contemporary Art