A Sweet Roundup of Artistic Treats

WARNING: This article may cause you to frantically jet down to your local bakery. You might want to start tying up your shoe laces - just say'n. The succulent little treats you are about to feast your eyes on have been created by some of the worlds best pastry chefs, along with some of the worlds best soccer moms. Either way, this roundup of artistic treats is sure to make you leave some room for dessert tonight.



Matchstick Cookies By I Feel Cook

Rainbow Colored Lemon

San Diego-based food blog Kirbie’s Cravings has concocted Pizza Cupcakes

Lucía Rallo and Aranxa Esteve of m-inspira made some Helvetica looking Jello typography

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

A brilliant hamburger cake by Lyndsay Sung over at her Vancouver based bakery Coco Cake Cupcake

Josie Tavares is a Wife, mother, software engineer, and self taught pastry queen. She whipped up these Blueberry & Coconut French Macarons for her family’s Superbowl party this year, and showcased them on her blog Daydreamer Desserts.

This rainbow colored pancake series is the masterpiece of Lisa Edsalv

Spanish food blogger Sandee, from La Receta De la Felicidad, has created these fun Egg Shell Brownies.

Lily Vanilli, A London based baker, created The Bleeding Heart Cake