A Little Light Magic, Singapore

The Civic-Cultural district of Bras Brasah-Bugis is home to some of Singapore's oldest buildings. These buildings carry the rich history for their local people and each of them have evolved through time to become monuments of strength and solidarity. In honor of these buildings, the National Heritage Board contracted a variety of creative teams to light up six historical buildings in a magical way." A Little Light Magicinvites artists and designers to use the medium of architectural lighting to dream and imagine narratives via the canvasses of these buildings," the architects at FARM, the team who curated the project, explained. "As daylight slowly disappears, and nighttime comes on, these buildings, together with the cityscapes around them can become places of respite, a reverie of dreams, inviting the city dwellers to slow down, ponder and wonder about them."

The Armenian Church | Lim Woan Wen

The Peranakan Museum | Michael Lee

Singapore Art Museum | :Phunk

School of The Arts | Grace Tan of Kwodrent

National Museum Of Singapore | whenligtswork+Luke Smith-Wightman