Into the blue: Solis House offers the ultimate seaside sanctuary

If sunbathing was an Olympic sport, the Solis House would undoubtedly be the arena of the opening games. Suspended above Hamilton Island in a seemingly hovering splendor, the concrete, stone, and glass residence offers optimal rays, nestled organically within the environment of its seaside perch. The exquisite creation of Australia-based Renato D'Ettorre Architects, the Queensland abode incorporates airy living zones and sheltered outdoor spaces in one continuously flowing dwelling.

To say Solis House has an ocean view would be an understatement. The home merges seamlessly with the horizon line, its massive volume unfolding in three interlocking levels that fuse al fresco and indoor living spaces. In a continuous connection to the water, the beachfront oasis is surrounded in varying levels of liquid turquoise, one building upon the next, from lower plunge pool to upper, lily-strewn reflection pond.

Set against an azure expanse, the tranquil retreat has been materialized in muted tones and effortlessly simple finishes. Low maintenance materials were influenced by the climate and selected to endure the oftentimes harsh subtropical weather. From the outside, luminous grey concrete construction offers resiliency, textural qualities, and thermal properties. Inside, polished concrete flooring and travertine tile afford tactile touches with inherent durability. Employing built-in furniture via concrete seating, the open, minimalist layout diminishes the need for traditional furniture.

Outside, small, articulated planted roofs preserve the integrity of the surrounding greenery while terraces capture cool ocean breezes and offer cross ventilation. Appointed with a smattering of sun-soaked chaise lounges, languid fire pits, and trickling waterfalls, the Solis House is the epitome of a seaside retreat, evoking a sense of wellness, well-being, and absolute Zen.

Photography courtesy of: Mads Mogensen

Solis House lily pool
Solis House living room
Solis House sitting room
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Solis House stairs
Solis House hallway
Solis House bathroom
Solis House family room