Gimme Shelter: Rolling Homes by DO Architects

DO Architects aims to take lagoon-side dwelling Lithuanians one step beyond building modernity into totally tubular slices of the good life. 

Separated form the Baltic Sea by a tiny peninsula, the Curonian Lagoon laps the shores of Svencelé, Lithuania, site of a new development of cylindrical single family homes designed by DO Architects. Like a futuristic fishing community, the homes are clustered directly on the waterfront, and are accessible by boat and by car.  A stacked three story interior offers finely tuned efficiency on each level.

Sunlight and sweeping views are the order of the day given the Rolling Homes' double flat glass facades, while wooden closed sides provide privacy and natural texture to the closely constructed colony.  The small town also features a kite boarding and windsurfing center designed by DO, enhancing the resort-like atmosphere while reflecting the general mindset of the playful and dynamic people the firm hopes to appeal with their progressive and trans formative designs.  

The utilization of maximum internal space by the expanding cylindrical volume, and enhanced physical and visual connection to the surrounding landscape make the Rolling Homes not only visually stunning, but also comfortable and convenient due to the determined and innovative modern design of DO Architects.