AH House By Studio Guilherme Torres

Surrounded by a stone wall, in an exclusive São Paulo neighborhood, is a home only to be entered through a square-shaped bright yellow door. The odd shaped door is a unique passageway of sorts, leading to an indoor/outdoor tempo-tropical art house. The residence, titled AH House, has been meticulously built and fashioned by São Paulo-based architect Guilherme Torres.

The entire home is essentially a courtyard, enclosed by large stone walls. Here, the relationship between architecture and nature is symbiotic. The movement from indoors to outdoors happens naturally, as living rooms are molded into large balconies, gently framed by architecture.

The AH house consists of two large rectangular volumes, one stacked on top of the other, guiding the indoor/outdoor open layout of the home. The typical "rules" of a residential layout have no relevance here, the experience of entering the home becomes a harmonious juxtaposition of a vegetated courtyard, living room, and a swimming pool; a refreshing jolt from the norm.

Inside, a warm yet contemporary design creates a stunning back drop to the gallery-like art collection. The modern oil paintings of artist Paulo Whitaker are a colorful complement the hand crafted furniture pieces.

Nothing is misplaced. Even the tiniest elements in the home is an art piece; each with it's own story.

Surrounded by lush greenery, the house also features bedrooms and bathroom that directly open to the outside world. Take a bath with the humming birds or fall asleep to the sound of the leaves blowing in the wind. You decide.

Photography by MCA Studio