Jeongok Prehistory Museum By X-TU

Parisian architectural firm X-TU recently completed the Jeongok Prehistory Museum, resembling a silver snake slithering through East Asia.

The museum is built on a Paleolithic site in the Jeongok district, where the fossil-filled ground holds the story of the country’s first human inhabitants 300,000 years ago, and was the site of the discovery of the first hand axe in East Asia. The snake, like a piece of architecture, is finished with a shiny stainless steel, intended to reflect the natural surroundings. X-TU meticulously designed the museum to feel anything but ordinary compared to other natural history museums around the world. Instead of looking to the past, X-TU wanted to give the Jeongok Prehistory Museum a futuristic vibe! The interiors consist of smooth and curvy white walls with circular cutouts. Throughout the exhibitions white is the dominant color, letiting the prehistoric artifacts stand out. In non-exhibition areas, yellow and green hues are introduced in colored glass and accent walls. The elongated building has a huge circular opening in the architecture that acts as a window, with additional circular perforations on a smaller scale. At night the pattern of cutouts glow from the interior light, causing the entire building to shine in a magnificently.