Villa P By Love Architecture

Love Architecture was founded in 1998 by Mark Jenewein, Herwig Kleinhapl, and Bernhard Schonherr. The group who by appearance, might fool you for an 80's rock band with their long slicked back hair and unapologetic style!

Air guitars aside, the talented team of architects recently competed a beautiful new addition to their portfolio titled Villa P. Villa P is dominantly built on a plot of land with a wide downward slope, which gave Love a great opportunity to plan the home in a way in where it can capitalize on the amazing view of the local valley. Stylistically, the home resembles characteristics of a modern home in the 60's but this time with a angular and contemporary twist. The Villa is built on the peak of the hill with large glass windows to take full advantage of the views. It sits up right above a long pool with over sized wood stairs connecting the home to the swimming area. Whites, creams, and woods, are dominant throughout the exterior architecture and the interior finishes, creating a cohesively designed atmosphere with a harmonious yet playful touch.

Photography Credit: Love Architecture