Onion Designs Sala Ayutthaya Resort

Snapshot: Once the trading capital of Asia, Ayutthaya Thailand is home to an impressive array of ruins including temples, monasteries, reliquary towers, and palaces. In designing the newest addition to the Sala resort franchise, powerhouse Thai design team Onion drew inspiration from the materials, shapes, and majesty of the ancient city, while showcasing their unique minimalist style.

Situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya River and flanked by the ruins of what was once a massive trading city, Sala Ayutthaya Resort is clearly of new construction, but the thoughtful design of Onion Architects allows the resort to respectfully fit in amongst its ancient surroundings.  The monolithic brick walls of the entryway call to mind the impressive stature of the old city, while asserting their modernity with a slight and precise undulation that feels both ancient and exacting. 

This grand entrance creates a mood of magical stoicism, preparing the guest for an experience in a world out of time. Through the gates as it were, a minimalist oasis emerges in linear expanses of marble and stark white walls, through which glimpses of brick remind the guest of their special seclusion. With a nod to Roman baths, the pool area is a vast collection of white marble steps leading into cool blue waters, the stairs and pools themselves creating a geometric design. 

The twenty six rooms at Sala Ayutthaya range from river view one bedrooms to private villas, but all share clean comfortable design, and feature warm and pleasing textural contrasts from the use of natural and raw materials in the otherwise minimalist space. The wood beams and accents give shape to the pure white interiors and gently assert an Asian influence. Statement lighting and plumbing fixtures create character and are used sparingly, maintaining the calm ambiance of each room. 

The outdoor dining area may be the most typically "resorty" area of the complex, with plush pillowed benches and chairs, and a wooden deck with potted plants, but the view of the river and nearby ruins helps maintain the overall design manifesto, so carefully crafted by the team at Onion, of serenity and quietude. The location of Sala Ayutthaya allows guests to experience and appreciate an ancient culture, and within it's walls provides a peaceful space for private reflection.

Photography by Wison Tungthunya's Photography