The William Hotel Opens in New York

The William Hotel is a complete artistic renovation of the prestigious William Club on East 39th Street.

The New York hotel has captured the attention of those who want both a fun and sophisticated adventure in a home away from home. The five floors each represent a different splash of the color: “palettes of blue, teal, pink, orange or yellow vibrantly coat the ceilings, walls, carpets and bed linens.” The 33 suites were designed as a collaborative effort between Situ Design, Lilian B interiors and artist William Engel to create a series of unique and colorful rooms that showcase how separate works of art, architecture and interior can meld and become one coherent “livable three-dimensional painting.”

The journey for each floor begins in a pure white corridor. Traveling down it, you’re invited by one of Engel’s seven-foot paintings drenched in the bright and exciting color of the floor. “The color palettes and form are light in feeling and will intentionally invite them to reminisce of happy times and moments in their life,” Engel says. As you enter your room, you've in a way entered inside a rendition of one of his paintings; it’s a fully interactive experience that guests can truly delve into.  Even furniture and accessories on each floor are tactfully designed to accent the color, a vivid display of what The William means.

The modern extended stay hotel has been a center of solace for those who want a place to stay in style. The rooms have an abundance of high end amenities (Miya Japanese Tableware, a Nespresso Machine, and countless more) and some even have access to terrace that looks over the New York skyline, something you can’t find just anywhere. So if you’re looking for a place in New York with a comfortable atmosphere and modern design, look no further than The William.

Photography by: The William NYC