Soho House Takes Over Old Belt Factory in Chicago

Snapshot: Soho House, a private club house and hotel, transforms an old belt factory into their newest (and largest) property to date.

Both a hotel and club for members, the new Fulton Market District expansion has captured the attention of those looking for a hot spot to both network and enjoy in Chicago. A club for artistic types for those in film, media and creative industries, Nick Jones' brand has spread like wildfire since 1995 with their first location in London. Soho House looks to bring something new to the table with each expansion, and this time it's a beautiful bespoke 15,000 sq ft gym.

Needless to sat the full size boxing ring serves as the center piece of the gym, crafted with special attention to the rustic aesthetic of the building, it serves as both a place to trade punches and get a workout and a perfect piece to complete the gym. All of the boxing equipment is handcrafted and made with careful care, definitely adding something more to the mix than your ordinary gym. Being their biggest (and perhaps best) club for the time being, the Chicago house offers 40 guest rooms, a Cowshed spa, and a screening room to make it the premier place to stay while in the windy city.

A rooftop pool with a bar and kitchen overlooks the city, giving patrons a chance to lounge above the world upon the very comfortable striped seats while sipping at fine drink; the perfect place for the artistic to find inspiration.

Built from a 1907 belt factory, the house has managed to maintain many of the original features that blends perfectly with the very classic look that's consistent with the Soho's style. Merging the two identities, the past and the present of the building, Chicago's new premier club has it's own unique atmosphere that's undeniably attractive. Each room remains consistent with the look, creating a complete experience for members that's sure to give them their fill of the comforting English beauty that Soho strives for.

If you're just looking to visit, the lobby lounge and two restaurants are open to non-members. The restaurants, Chicken Shop and Pizza East both have their own personal look reminiscent of Chicago's history. I must warn you though: if you do stop by for a visit, you'll have difficulty resisting staying a night at the hotel or even perhaps applying for a membership. The rustic attraction of the place will capture you, and you'll definitely desire to spend at least an evening opening a bottle of wine or sipping on scotch while lavishing in the English-Chicago hybrid aesthetic that exceptionally flourishes the beauty of Chicago style architecture.

Photography by Nick Fochtman and gym photography by Dave Burk of Hedrich Blessing

Before the Soho House, the 1907 Allis Building was the HQ for the Chicago Belting Co. in the Fulton Market District of Chicago

Before the Soho House, the 1907 Allis Building was the HQ for the Chicago Belting Co. in the Fulton Market District of Chicago