On Travel: Upgrade Your Workspace

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Discovering and sharing beautiful, innovative design has been a long time passion of mine. I’m always happiest when I’m pouring the details of my latest find out onto the page at KNSTRCT. The collision of creative collaboration and the reward of delivering profound and amazing designs on a daily basis - it’s intoxicating. But that euphoric happiness is hard-earned, as the prep work involved in curating, writing, shooting for and running a website is no small task. It is time-consuming and the constant travel can spin any sense of routine.

Recently, I found myself unexpectedly extending a stay in Chicago. Rather than working remote from the local coffee house, as I’ve been known to do, I decided to upgrade and create a temporary workspace. Why would I put together an entire workspace for only a handful of months in the Windy City? Well, because it's the small upgrades, especially when traveling, that have a way of making life so much more enjoyable.

After booking a quaint, light filled space, I immediately delved into the Chicago design scene, searching out the coolest shops with the most inspiring creations. Most inspiring of them all is Jayson Home, a shop that I outfitted the entire workspace in. With buyers who flock to Milan, Paris and London multiple times a year to find neat odds and ends, Jayson was a perfect fit for comfortable, eclectic decor.

I am absolutely obsessed with Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees (a great addition to any space) so naturally, I incorporated one into my “office away from office”. The hand stitched, leather trestle desk is an authentic complement to the vintage mask mold wall art, that Jayson's clever buyers discovered off-the-beaten-path in a small Spanish town.

I fronted the desk with a long ottoman upholstered in bright turquoise - a plush seat for visitors. The gold floor lamp lent a warm glow and the books, baskets and foiled trays gave a touch of color to the elegant but cozy space. The work produced from my delicious, treat to myself, of a workspace was some of my strongest. Environment almost always has a strong effect on me. The extra effort put into making myself comfortable and inspired was completely worth it! Somewhere out there is another rentable space just waiting for me to make an extended stay out of her city. I can’t wait to meet her.

So when the coffee shop just isn't doing the trick while traveling, take the extra step to create a space more enjoyable. Constructing a functional and inspiring workspace during this trip gave me a new perspective on traveling for work. It took a little extra effort, and man, was it worth it!  - Ashley Nelson

Photography by Ramzi Dreessen