Hotel Paradis Opening, Paris

Industrial designer turned interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon has been known to add her own personal touch in the spaces she designs. The designer, who has been traveling the world with her mother since she was a small child, recently created a wine bar in Saint-Germain where she literally sewed the pillow cushions with her own two hands. Perhaps, this is a creative medicine that Meilichzon prescribes to in effort to add an authentic element of depth to the spaces she dreams up. The new Hotel Paradis is no different.

Situated in the capital’s 10th Arrondissement, Hotel Paradis Paris is within easy reach of Galeries Lafayette and the large department stores on the boulevard Haussmann. Deceivingly so, the hotel, which has the look and feel of a posh Parisian establishment, is actually fairly affordable with rooms starting out at $85.00 per night!

Why stop at designing the interiors? Meilichzon and her team also designed the graphics for Hotel Paradis. A grouping of five different sarif and san sarif fonts make up the white graphics on the glass in the lobby, announcing the hotel to people passing by.

Meilichzon used a series of intricate large scale printed wallpapers above the wainscoting to create focal points at eye level.

Large birds, winded clouds, and other decorative arrangements are a consistent theme throughout the wallpaper in the hotel.

A small bistro exists adjacent to the lobby where guest can comfortably eat on custom upholstered banquets, marble tables, and stylish mid-century wood dining chairs.

The upholstered backing of the banquettes in the bistro are seen again in the hotel's suites as headboards on the beds.

Photography by Kristen Pelou