Caro Hotel, Spain

Valencia's Caro Hotel occupies a building that dates back 2,000 years. Experiencing the hotel is like pulling back layers of history - a mosaic Valencia founding of Roman from the second century BC, a staircase from the early 19th century, an Arab city wall in the hotel's cafe from XII Century, and several Gothic arches and nineteenth-century construction details, all in one place.

The team behind Caro approached Francesc Rifé, the principal at Barcelona based design firm Francesc Rifé Studio, to come in and streamline the establishment. Caro wanted Rife, who is known for his warm, yet contemporary style, to add architectural elements to the building that reflect modern design. Creating these elements that represent the moment is another way to continue these historical layers of the building, a way to experience the past, and the present, at the same time. You truly need to see this amazing hotel in person to capture it's true beauty and Expedia can get you there.

Rife divided the hotel up into 26 suites, each room is designed different from one another. One room is in the attic, where rustic wood beams slant down creating low ceilings, while other suites have high ceilings with grand murals and crown moldings. A glass floor was added into the hotel to allow light to travel from the sunroof to floors below, Rife designed a cool moss garden that grows on one of the floors - a small, yet unforgettable design feature within the hotel.

Photography: Fernando Alda Photography