The Nolitan Hotel

There is no denying Nolita is the next up-and-coming hood that chic Manhattanites are flocking to for swanky five star dining, underground clubs, posh music venues, and modern art boutiques.

The excitement surrounding the opening of Nolita’s first luxury boutique hotel, The Nolitan, has been buzzing for months, and will reach a crescendo when the Nolitan will open its doors to the masses in just a few short days! A few months back, Knstrct reported on the unique branding of the hotel we were salivating to get a taste of just exactly how the interior design of the hotel would play out. Here we have the first images of the space designed by New York Based design firm Grzywinski+Pons.

Local, NYC based firm G+P benefited from being native inhabitants, familiar with the Nolita neighborhood and how to best incorporate the concept of the hotel into the community. The architecture team worked closely with Edmond Li, Owner of Veracity Development, executing his vision of “sharing The Nolitan with citizens of the world, while creating a hub for the neighborhood that year-round residents could enjoy. The Nolitan Hotel is both a luxury boutique property and a neighborhood place where everyone will feel at home.” The idea of bringing international travelers into the community has been a successful trend in New York City, similar concepts have succeeded at theAce Hotel and The Standard Hotel, where neighbors are welcome to use the hotel facilities… even if just for a quick cup of joe.

G+P aimed to make The Nolitan a destination where guests feel pampered, comfortable and above all, at ease, with impeccable service that is friendly, not fussy. In order to achieve the concept created a sense of low-key luxury. Warm woods, leathers, and bear skin rugs were used in the entry lobby, complemented by long, family-style sofas for seating. While waiting, guests can enjoy a selection of reading material from the floor to ceiling bookcase that was curated by Phaidon Books.

The guest rooms are dressed with beautiful, wide-planked oak floors and concrete ceilings, with Corian accents in between. The rooms feature modern furniture with hues of grey, tan, and white. The architectural team capitalized on the views by providing some rooms with balconies and others floor to ceiling glass windows.

Photographs Provided By The Nolitan