Jet Off To Australia's Pretty Beach House

Perched on the hillside atop the waters of Pretty Beach, on the Bouddi Peninsula, just north of Sydney, is a surreal tree house called The Pretty House. The exclusive seven-acre property encompasses three one-bedroom pavilions that surround the main home.

Each pavilion is rented out to guests who are lavished with an in-house chef, treetop views of the sparkling Brisbane waters, private decks for sunbathing, a wine cellar, heated pool, and a stunning 38 foot yacht to explore the waters (swoon!).

The interiors are modern and saturated in warm, earthy color tones. It’s as if an old world traveler left his 1930's travel trunks, hand crafted tables, fine Belgium linens behind and trinkets that document his adventures. The Pretty Beach House is truly a place of reflection and relaxation, to get away from the chaos and take a breath up in the trees. Perhaps, the hotel's most attractive feature are the infinity pools, unique to each pavilion. The pools are sunken below a surrounding teak terrace, which maintains openings for tree trunks to pass through, in avoidance of disrupting their natural trajectory of their roots. The modern and functional architectural approach to The Pretty House allows the guests to live out their childhood tree house fantasy with a sophisticated and relaxing twist.

Photography courtesy of The Pretty House