Lazareth’s Wazuma GT

Is it a car? Is it a motorcycle? Is it a Batmobile? It’s something in between, and we want a ride.

Lazareth are notorious for creating outrageous custom designs, innovative automobiles that never fail to amaze and astound. The Wazuma GT is no exceptions. Four wheels with three contact points, low to the ground with a smooth, sleek, minimal body – this really does look like it should be driven by a caped superhero. And it has the powerful engine to match. Courtesy of Jaguar, it spits out 375 horsepower with a power-to-weight ratio that puts it at the top of the motor leaderboard.

The design is simple and stylish, reflecting the innovative concept without overdoing the stereotypical ostentatious sports-car vibe. A clever combination of vehicle and gadget, it draws you in with its beauty and hooks you with the fun. A hybrid of bike and car, the driver is surprisingly not required to wear a helmet, although we reckon it’s advisable to protect yourself somehow when inside this speedy machine.

Available for order, the first copy is approved and already circulating on French roads. Perfect for cruising the valleys of the South of France and feeling totally badass doing it.