The Midas Touch: Goldencycle No. 2

Snapshot: Designed with bike messengers in mind, the Goldencyle No. 2 combines safety and style in a tight, German engineered package.

Hot on the heels of the Goldencycle One, a single speed designed for New York bicycle couriers in 2011, the second coming of this endurance tested German design features a fixed gear drivetrain which is popular with hardcore city cyclists, cool kids, and messengers alike. But don't worry mom, the Goldencycle Two comes standard with a front brake, and as the name implies, gold anodized parts, making the aluminum components 8 times stronger and highly reflective for increased nighttime visibility.

The velvety matte steel frame is rust and dust resistant, and deeply black enough for the Dark Knight himself, making the gold wheels, handlebars, and crank set glow while maintaining a overall low-keyed vibe.  Deep V rims and a nice compact frame complete the highly recognizable look of fixie bike culture.

Goldencycle Two was designed by a team of bicycle designers, messengers, and mechanics to provide excellent performance and quality within a reasonable price point, and the focus on safety shows an understanding of the inherent dangers of bike messaging. Bike culture can be a tough nut to crack, but Goldencylcle is putting their best wheels forward.

Photography by: goldencycle