Wazuma V8F "Matte Edition"

From conception to realization, the transportation designers at French based auto company Lazareth, control all of the construction operations on their vehicles. Because of this process, there are very little limits to what Lazareth’s talented team can build – enter the WazumaV8F "Matt Edition"! This Batman-like vehicle is a custom built, V12 powered, with a horse power of 250! The Wazuma V8F is like a flattened down motorcycle with two extra wheels, causing the rider to drive in a horizontal position.

The vehicle is unique in many ways, the most obvious way is it’s “W-wheeled geometry,” which consists of 2 largely spaced front wheels and 2 closer twin rear wheels.

Based on the same atypical 3 wheels geometry (2 largely spaced front wheels and 2 attached rear wheels), it has been thought to be simple, aggressive and highly performing. This Wazuma is powered by a Ferrari 3.0L V8, developing 250 hp for less than 650kg.

This engine incorporates the injection system of two sport bike engines and is electronically controlled by a Sybelle system. All the engine management can be modified and monitored with a computer. The 6 speed sequential gearbox comes from a BMW M3 and is controlled from the handlebars.

The machine gets specific and highly exclusive equipment like modified Momo (+Power) rims with Brembo calipers and four 324mm brake discs. The suspension system is very specific, featuring four horizontal shock absorbers, made?to?measure by EMC. Everything is enormous. For instance, the wheels are slicks 285?30ZR18 for the front and 315?30ZR18 for the rear. Another obvious unique quality to the Wazuma is it’s high price tag of a whopping $250,000.

Photography Courtesy of Lazareth Auto-Moto