Spyker B6 Venator Spyder Concept Debuts at Salon Privé

Last week marked the European Premiere of the SPYKER B6 VENATOR SPYDER at the Salon Privé in London. Spyker – creator of meticulously hand built automobiles whose beauty is equaled only by their unrivaled craftsmanship – shared its newest unique alternative in the High Luxury Sports sector via a press briefing at Salon Privé, Europe’s most exclusive automotive lifestyle event. The SPYKER B6 VENATOR SPYDER Concept is the eagerly awaited convertible execution of Spyker’s compact, 2-door mid-engine sports car that will offer the discerning driver of the highest standards a new choice, delivering a rare combination of heritage, design, performance and exclusivity.

The SPYKER B6 VENATOR SPYDER Concept incorporates vintage cues of the brand’s aviation past, highly detailed design and bespoke materials into a defiantly contemporary statement that could only come from Spyker. The company’s Latin axiom “Nulla tenaci invia est via” – “For the tenacious no road is impassable” – is tastefully featured on the exterior. The name “Venator” is Latin for “Hunter,” a nod back to Spyker’s “Hunter” fighter aircraft of the early 20th century.

Victor R. Muller, Spyker’s Chief Executive Officer and designer of the SPYKER B6 VENATOR SPYDER chose the lush Syon House Concept Lawn for the European premiere because, “Salon Privé is the European destination for those who treasure ‘high luxury’ and ‘sports car’ in equal measure – just like I do. I created the SPYKER B6 VENATOR SPYDER precisely for those who seek an alternative choice worthy of their driving passion.” The European unveiling of the SPYKER B6 VENATOR SPYDER Concept follows last month’s North American debut at the ultra-exclusive Quail Lodge event held during the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance week in Monterey, California.

According to Walton, “Reactions to both the SPYKER B6 VENATOR COUPE, in Geneva, and now the SPYDER, in Pebble Beach, were extraordinarily positive – from press and consumers alike. We are truly pleased to see that the desire for Spyker is higher than ever among today’s automotive aficionados.”

The SPYKER B6 VENATOR Concept will provide the authentic Spyker experience – hand-crafted rarity that is as visceral to view as it is to drive – at a more accessible price point of approximately $170,000 for the coupe and $190,000 for the Spyder. “The SPYKER B6 VENATOR COUPE and SPYDER Concepts are the immediate future of Spyker,” said Muller.

The SPYKER B6 VENATOR SPYDER Concept will begin production in late 2014 for key markets including Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and India, followed by the US in early 2015.

Photography Courtesy of Spyker