Birò Estrima: Zero emissions, zero noise, zero gasoline

Four years ago Matthew Masters had a vision. The young founder of Estrima dreamed of improving the quality of our mobility - Zero emissions, zero noise, zero gasoline consumption. The power of this idea is what has fueled Masters to create the Birò, an ecological, practical, silent, easy to drive 4-wheel electric vehicle. The unconventional and dynamic design is the smallest 4-wheel electric car available on the market, but quite possibly the most Eco-minded of vehicles around.

With Birò, getting around the city is easy. Thanks to its compact size drivers can easily maneuver through urban traffic and park snug in a space fit for a scooter. Biro is meant to be a personal commuter designed with comfortable interior compartments that can hold everyday objects. The stylish coupe is small, but cozy and sociable, designed with two seats inside.

Four wheels of great agility run on two 100% Electric Brushless motors that are mounted on the rear wheels without using a transmission system, thus eliminating weight and additional maintenance costs.

Birò saves the commuter money and is fun to drive because of its easily maneuverable and the car has a dynamic lever boost system, which gives the driver the ability to accelerate with an influx of acceleration when needed.

No matter the season, Birò drivers are well protected from rain, cold, and wind. Warm weather will be instrumental for driving with the top down! The roof and the glass tempered rear are removable, to let in light and air during the warmer seasons.

The energy of Birò can always be with you, literally. Birò is the only 4-wheel car to be equipped with a retractable system electric battery patented by Re-Move. Once Birò is parked, the driver can easy remove the battery device and take it home, in the office, or wherever is most convenient for recharging the battery.