The GROWLER City Bike

The GROWLER City Bike was created with the design lover, recreational urban rider, and local pub in mind. Industrial designer Joey Ruiter, Founder and design lead of jruiter + studio, has a soft spot for people who opt to cycle instead of drive. Riders have needs too, and one of those needs is transporting their beverages. Now, we're not condoning drinking alcoholic beverages and cycling, but we are condoning functional and easily accessible bicycle storage. The GROWLER is outfitted with a 29er fat wheel set, monarch springer front end, 2 speed internal kickback hub, disc brakes, and a drink holder that fits a 1 gallon jug of beer....or milk. As spring is approaching, yes, we're almost there, the bikes are starting to hit the roads in effort to make up for lost time. If one of your favorite summer pastime is taking a ride to meet friends for an outdoor BBQ, then the GROWLER is right up your street.

Dean Van Dis Photography