The Stromlinie 75 Concept Car

75 years ago dare devil race car driver Bernd Rosemeyer came to terms with his fate as he died while trying to establish a new speed record in his 1930's Auto Union Type C "Silver Arrow". In respects to Rosemeyer and the Silver Arrow, German industrial designer Lukas Rittwage has dreamed up a modern rendition of the classic car. The Stromlinie 75 Concept Caruses the seamless aerodynamic shape of the classic Type C but revamped it for the consumers of 2013. This one-seater sports car differs from its predecessor as the body is wider and longer, along with an added retractable spoiler. Rittwage decided to keep the famed four rings on The Stromlinie, although these now signify only Audi, and not all of Auto Union.

(Photography By Luke Rittwage)