The TÎAN: A Wall Shelf Turned Bike Hanger

"Due to a lack of space, the fear of theft, and simply for the love of their bikes, more people than ever are taking their bikes with them into their home or office," Leopold Brötzmann and Sebastian Backhaus, founders of Berlin-based design firm MIKILI, explained. Because most urban cyclist habitat in smaller spaces, clever storage solutions have become a high demand. The two designers and avid cyclists put their heads together and created The TÎAN - a fine oak drawer that securely fastens to the wall, with a slight groove carved into the top to hang a bicycle from its frame. The minimalistic looking TÎAN is stark white on the outside and solid oak inside, with a grey piece of felt that covers the groove on top to prevent wear and tear. Even when a bike is not being hung from the TÎAN, it appears as nothing more than a quality piece of furniture.  Making MIKILI's creation a happy combination of necessary  function and and great design! ($433.00)

(Photography:  MIKILI)