Diesel & Ducati Create a Monster!

Ducati Diesel? It’s not what you think it is. We promise. For one, Ducati's have spark plugs. Secondly, “Diesel” refers to the Italian fashion brand that’s been sponsoring the Ducati Team in MotoGP, not the fuel.

Confusing, we know. The matte army-green beast boasts the technical specs of the standard Monster 1100EVO, everything but the tank finished in “total black” with the acceptation of the bright yellow front break calipers. This bad boy launched last week at Diesel’s Soho store and goes for a cool $13,795. Can’t afford the bike? No worries, you can still settle for the accompanying apparel collection. We won’t tell anyone that you don’t have the bike to match. We promise.

(Photography: Ducati)