The Fuse Project's Mission Motorcycle

There’s nothing like the roar of a souped-up chopper blowing by you on the freeway hosing the tic-tac of a mini-cooper your spouse talked you into buying. Well, for now you won’t have to endure the loud pipes, you will however still experience a twinge of jealously deep in the pit of your stomach watching a beautifully engineered electric bike blaze by you. The ambitiously talented industrial designers at Fuse Project have taken their skills to the streets with their captivating street bike design for Mission Motors. "The challenge was to create a design that would be accepted by motorcycle enthusiasts while also being immediately recognizable as a vehicle fueled by alternative energy. A central goal was not to appear as an ‘eco-toy’ but instead, a performance bike augmented by electric power.

Ultimately, the bike needed to balance innovation with tradition, overcome the stigma of a silent ride and define what an electric Bike should look like."

The team streamlined the bike and eliminated the gas tank and tail pipe. Then added a lightweight battery pack that is protected by honeycombed detailed angular skins that integrate all mechanical elements.

"Mission Motors is an icon for a new era of efficient and exciting vehicles," the team explained. "Designed to express speed and efficiency in it’s overall sharp lines, the Mission One bike is also highly detailed with special attention to a riders needs, bringing a high level of product design and ergonomics to a new generation of performance transportation."

Fuse is like a modern-day Renaissance man of design. In addition to the design and development of the physical product, Fuse also created the company name and brand logo, website, launch display and the entire brand collateral! Whoa! Talk about jumpstarting a brand.

(Photographs: Fuse Project)