Bright Idea: Coil Lamp by Castor

At the end of a chain reaction, an Apple adaptor links power to Castor’s Coil Lamp – try wrap your head around that one.

Lightweight, effortless and effective, simply plug the LED lamp into an Apple adapter and watch it glow. Designer Brian Richer explains that the Mac computer circuit tricks the adapter to turn on, and in turn power the lamp. As he had built up a small collection of adapters over the years, it occurred to him that there must be more they could do – they could let there be light.

With a background in English Lit, Philosophy, Mathematics and Geometry it is no wonder that Richer’s design incorporates such complex levels of creativity and scientific flair. Combining his training as an architectural stone carver and a passion for the philosophy of mathematics, he is driven to use simple scientific or mathematical proofs in his work. Enthused by the unexpected, he strives to re-contextualize everyday household items – like the light-bulb.

Constructed from aluminum and copper-plated components, the coil lamp is a prime example of Castor’s design ethos. A strong focus on reuse and re-imagination of materials is imperative to their aesthetic. Their innovative custom-made lighting and furniture pieces are designed to define the interior space in which they are placed.

The coil lamp is an environmentally friendly addition to the Apple accessory group and is suitable for both professional and domestic use. Emitting a warm glow, it is an ideal companion to an office or home desk space. With a simple and clean design, the LED adapts to multiple purposed rooms, neither imposing nor disappearing among its surroundings.

Shedding light on the undiscovered possibilities of a regular Mac adaptor, Castor’s lamp is a mere flicker of what they have to offer.

Photography courtesy of Castor