Senhor Prudêncio's Bicycle Case: A Modular Briefcase for the Steel Horse Set

Portuguese designer João Pedro Filipe, founder of Senhor Prudêncio, has introduced a grown up version of the messenger bag, providing bicycle commuters a safe and stylish way to carry essentials without tarnishing a business savvy attire.

The dual pocket case hangs over the bicycle's top tube and attaches with a zip and buckle system, making it simple to remove and carry like a normal briefcase.  A specialized compartment keeps a laptop secure, leaving the second pocket free for snacks, cell phones, or top secret files.

The artistic trapezoidal shape and fine leather construction of the Bicycle Case reflect Filipe's background in shoe design. Though it might be difficult to pedal anywhere in a pair of his pumps, the fashion forward cyclist can get in shape, save the planet, and still sport a statement piece from the sought after studio. 

For Purchase: Wrong Weather

Photography Courtesy of Wrong Weather + Senhor Prudêncio