Sit & Snack: Woouf! Transforms Your Favorite Treats Into Bean Bags

Snapshot: Welcome to Woouf! Have a seat. Are you hungry? If you weren't before, you might be now because below your bum is a comfy bean bag that  suspiciously resembles your favorite treats.

Woouf! is a Barcelona-based multidisciplinary design studio that designs exclusive and avant-garde products with a clear target: make a difference. Since 2008, the Spanish creatives have been teaming up with local artists to innovate objects with a focus on creativity, functionality and quality. Woouf!’s latest collection features a playful set of bean bag burgers, donuts, french fries, and ice cream cones with enticing titles like Yummy, Cupcake Pink, and Cornet. Each bag is outfitted in a removable and water repellent canvas covered in cartoon-esque illustrations of the snack at hand.

The concept behind Woouf!’s first bean bag collection comes from the idea of reinterpreting the dimensions of everyday objects that are part of our world. Woouf!’s intention is to surprise people and create an unexpected experience for bean bag aficionado's.

Photography courtesy of Woouf!