Geometric Changeability: Candle Blocks by Apparatus Studio

Apparatus Studio unveiled an artistic and powerful interpretation of the candle stick with their new Candle Blocks. The New York based company is founded on a use of elemental materials such as brass, leather and glass to create lighting fixtures that are earthy and authentic yet inherently modern in their handmade craft.

The Candle Blocks are sharp, geometric and adhere to modern day requirements of changeability and versatility. Everyone wants to be their own designer, and with these candles, you are given a certain level of creative input into their arrangement. You can build a whole collection of inter-locking pieces that work both as a unified collection, or present them as an eye-catching stand-alone object.

Deep bronze with interlocking teeth that resemble stairs combined with heavy triangular angles, the blocks echo the ancient Egyptian pyramids. The unusual shapes, unexpected presence of candle-light and contrast of corrugated and smooth surfaces create an image of both ancient and modern art that allow the light to bounce, diffuse and glow into the surrounding space.

The pieces bring an element of class, artistic elegance and subtlety to a home, and make for extremely impressive central dining table pieces.

The candle-stick is no longer simply to hold a candle, but serves as art – and in the case of these Candle Blocks, as paper-weights, book-ends, or simply as ornamentation and décor to beautify a living space.

Photography courtesy of Apparatus Studio