Toying With Technology: Top 8 Hi-Tech Toys For Kids

Let’s face it, ABC blocks don’t thrill today’s youngsters like they used to. Aside from traumatic splinter injuries, the archaic wood toys of our youth just aren’t cutting it. They’ll always evoke a sweet sense of nostalgia, but in a tech-driven era, modern toys are soaring to outrageously new heights. Programming, design, music and engineering are just some of the skills your kids will be exposed to while toying with these hi-tech wunderkinds.

What sets these bad boys apart? Well, for starters, they aren’t your traditional mass-generated morsels of conveyer belt mediocrity created by a team of manufacturers and marketers. Instead, these trinkets were dreamt up by some of today’s top engineers, scientists, designers and tech-gurus and were created with the purpose of expanding your tiny tot’s mind and providing useful tools relevant to their generation. Plus, lets be real — your little Einstein will have fun in the process of becoming the next Silicon Valley supernova. With names like “Zim,” “Bo & Yana,” and “Glo” how can any kid refuse them? That’s what we thought.

This feature is contributed by KNSTRCT to Intel's blog LifeScoop. Go to LifeScoop to see the full story.

Go to LifeScoop to see the full story.