Birds in Their Little Nests Agree: The Archibird Cage Table

Archibird Cage Table combines the idea of sculpture and furniture when Lafforest retrofitted a custom designed birdcage into a wood console table. Lafforest explained that "the idea was to develop a cage that would break conventional codes, the bird is staged as in a theater. Its pure materials it gives a great view of nature."

While exploring his idea, Lafforest contracted the fabricating creatives over at Paris-basedSeeWhy Workshops to help build the actual cage (see the whole building process here). The designer says that the glass domes are a reference to the curiosity cabinets of the past. The main intention of the design has been the drive for lightness and illusions, for instance, the bottom part of the cage is suspended to the steel rods, but in reality it is supported by the tree branch. The legs are also shaped to achieve this aerial feeling. Its purity gives an idealized vision of nature. Though the Archibird Cage doesn't seem like your regular bird cage, it has all the attributes of a bird cage: it can be opened for cleaning, and it has mangers and a small washing pool.