When Nature Calls Toilet Paper Capsule, Alberta

When Alberta College of Art & Design asked their design students to create something that generates social or economic value, students Sarah Jensen, Janet Molchanko, Amy Pon, and Morgan Smith immediately thought of one thing - number 2. An adventure in the great outdoors comes at a steep compromise of comfort, and when nature calls, leaves don't always do the trick. In response to the discomfort of forests-sans-toilets, Jensen, Molchanko, and Smith created a waterproof toilet paper capsule made from a 2L plastic soda bottle, a resealable bag, reflective tape, silicone, twine, and recycled paper. The capsule is designed be hung and has an optional light attachment, for those late night rumbles. Now, at one point or another, every camper has made some sort of make-shift toilet paper holder, but kudos to this crew for refining it, packaging it, and giving it a clever name, When Nature Calls.