Mezcal Mano Negra's New bottles

Mezcal Mano Negra claims to be the "best kept secret of Mexico." Yes, we are talking Mexico, but this is NO Tequila!! This is Mezcal, a distilled alcoholic beverage made from 30 varietals of agave. "Mezcal was never meant to be a smooth spirit, but rather a flavorful, uncompromising, expression of it's origin." 

Though the drink has strong roots in Mexico, the company was looking to re-brand their bottle, packaging, and overall company  look to appeal to an international demographic. Mezcal Mano Negra called upon Mexican branding/identity firm Sociedad Anonima for a makeover! The design gurus played with a contrasting palette of colors like teal, red, white, and black to give the bottle a bold and powerful look. The large, black hand print played an instrumental role in the design. In early meetings, Mezcal's people explained to the team at Sociedad Anonima that "the hand print represents the hand of the master distiller, the hand of the worker and the hand of the seeker of true mezcal.” The design team translated the company's wishes into a life-sized hand print stamp on the glass bottle, which complements its old school medicine bottle graphics.

Photography: Mezcal Mano Negra