Jose Guizar's Cervecería Sagrada

Long before Jack Black shimmied his way into an extra medium, spandex unitard to play the infamous ‘Nacho Libre’ there were the fierce, high-flying, luchadors of Mexico.

When most think of Mexico they generally envision tequila-guzzling, gun-slinging banditos… But alas, we tend to forget about the masquerade of pastel-hued spandex and glittering rinestones. No, we’re not talking about a quinceñera super sale, but about the infamous ‘Lucha Libre’ as they call it in Tijuana.

Not since American Gladiators have sequins and spandex been anything but emasculating. If you really think about it though, how could luchadors with monikers such as ‘Blue Demon’, ‘Thunder Liger’, and ‘Ultimo Dragon’ denote anything other than pure, unadulterated man brawn? It’s no wonder that Jose Guizar created a premium craft beer with these fierce, lycra-clad warriors in mind. Lucha Libre is one of the most iconic symbols in the Mexican culture, so it seems like a no-brainer that the graphic designer would capitalize on one of the culture’s hottest exports with bold, colorful lucha graphics plastered on cold cerveza bottles. “The brand’s identity is inspired by the golden era of lucha in the 1950?s, when movie heroes were not Superman or the X Men, but El Santo and his wingmen, fighting creepy monsters in a silver ’52 Alfa Romeo with surf music in the background,” Guizar explained. “The variety of styles are named after fictional characters also inspired by the 50?s lucha style; Black King (Imperial Stout), Blond Gomez (Lager) and The Vampire’s Son (Red Ale).” You heard it folks, It’s time to grab a cold cerveza, slap on a little lycra, rock the hell out of a few sequins and throw down a barrage of fiercely exotic moves that only a high-flying costumed warrior can. Arriba!