Coarse Toys Presents Eyes Of Fear - 1:1 Paw!

Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk, the founding men behind Coarse Toys, Santa’s little helpers would never recruit Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk, the founding men behind Coarse Toys. Light years away from the North Pole they are constructing toys both in Hamburg and Hong Kong.

One of their latest collections to be released is titled, Eyes Of Fear 1:1 and featuring life-sized vinyl and fiberglass sculptures of their beloved characters, Noop and Paw. Coarse is precise in detail when it comes to developing emotion in inanimate objects, seen vividly in this series with Noop and Paw. Landwehr and Waschk understand in great depths what Noop and Paw are experiencing in Eyes Of Fear. They explain the sentiment as, “Chaos pouring into the eyes of Paw!  His soul becomes one with the savage nature that comes around him and the powerless Noop. Once he was free- a creature of survival. But now, his thoughts are trapped in a spiral of agony, he longs to release himself from these unnatural emotions, his inward battle will determine the outcome of his forsaken incident.”

Since the inception of Coarse in 2003 the toys have developed a cult following, making each new series of characters as coveted as the last. It’s no surprise that Coarse fans would be itching to bring home their very own life-sized Noop or Paw.