Robert Longo Series of Skateboards For Supreme

Famed American painter and sculptor Robert Longo has teamed up with New York skateboard giant Supreme to juxtapose art and sport in a series of boards.

Momentarily, this makes all the sense in the world for the skateboard community, who has morphed from ‘Lords of Dogtown‘ slackers to high styled prepsters! This industry shift is no secret, and the Longo/Supreme collaboration is only more evidence. Though the average skater kid may not be well versed with the works of Robert Longo, these beautiful boards will be a coveted commodity for the high brow clientele of Supreme. Perhaps these skateboards would excel best in the function of wall art, as one can deny the beauty of Robert Longo’s art. The series of skateboards will only be available in Japan and online on April 7th.  So get em while they’re hot!