Bubble Baby Bed by Lana Agiyan

The image of a baby, nestled in a cloud of soap bubbles, inspired children's furniture designer Lana Agiyan to go beyond the traditional interpretation of a crib.

The Bubble Baby Bed is not only a futuristic toy, it is also a functional and emotion-evoking child care appliance. You can rock your baby to sleep and watch him or her cuddle on the cloud-like pillow through transparent bassinet. The cradle's construction resembles a traditional Russian tumbler-toy "Nevalyashka". It slightly rocks at all sides, but returns to the upright position with a plexiglas weight center. To prevent the bed from declining when baby is already asleep, there is a soft stopper. For easier handling, the weight center consists of several layers, that are not heavy separately, but weight 15 kg when assembled. The cradle is designed for children from birth to 5 months, after that age it can be used as a toy storage or a swing.

Acrylic plastic is widely used in medical appliances for children. It's lightweight, hygienic, easy to wash and strong. To prevent plastic from scratches, that could damage the crib's appearance and moreover would make it more difficult to wash and disinfect, there is a special innovative coating.

The mat cover is made of pure wool, soft and warm, for the comfort of little-ones. Inside there is a layer of buckwheat hulls. This feature gives additional support to the mattress, that should be firm enough for the safety on newborns laying facedown. Buckwheat hulls filling is ideal surface for babies. It's naturally antibacterial , hypoallergenic, anti fungal, breathable, insulating and odor resisting. It also simulates healthy blood flow.