Ergonomic Efficiency: Gas Terra Office by DeZwarteHond

A deserted office building slated for demolition finds new life as an environmentally friendly, visually arresting, modern workplace through the dedication of Dutch design firm DeZwartenHond.

International energy conglomerate Gas Terra reduces, reuses, and recycles on old building into an energy efficient, futuristic workplace with the help of Dutch design firm DeZwartenHond.

The era of the grey walled, cubicle filled office space of the 80's is coming to a close, and a new workplace norm features bright colors, open spaces, and lots of natural light. Helping to usher in this new age of user-friendly offices is Dutch design firm DeZwartenHond.  By gutting the interior of the space only, redesigning aesthetic features and working in green appliances and insulation, DeZwartenHond raised the energy efficiency of the building to an A+, simultaneously reducing usage of fossil fuels and providing an attractive solution to the problem of deserted office buildings in central Groningen. Quite the positive publicity generator for GasTerra, the lease holders of the renovated building, and international natural gas trading company. 

The only external changes made to the building were the addition of huge banks of triple insulated windows to infuse the open interior with natural light, and the addition of a large terrace suitable for both corporate meetings and employee breaks. The terrace was created to make up for some of the space dislocated by the addition of a grand stairwell within - the centerpiece of the interior renovation.

The canary yellow spiral stairwell visually connects each floor and enhances natural light with it's bright reflections throughout the space, highlighting a central meeting area on the reception floor. The vivacious color snakes through the entire office, as the serpentine stairwell extends into the low walls and railings of each floor. Offices are scattered around the central atrium which features plenty of common space for meetings and informal interaction.  In addition to the buoyant. communal modernity of the space, each employee has been furnished with an ergonomic Wilkhan chair to increase workplace comfort, health, and of course - productivity.

So, with a socially enjoyable, environmentally responsible, and aesthetically pleasing office space to go to everyday, our lucky Dutch counterparts actually might not mind if they need to go ahead and come in on Sunday to finish those TPS reports, mmmmmkay? Thaaaanks.

Photography by DeZwartenHond